Stock bird reduction sale August 2018
Summer stock sale from Swindells racing pigeons

Stock bird reduction sale August 2018

Stock bird reduction sale:

A stock bird reduction sale will be held during the months of August and September. As the 2018 racing season came to a highly successful conclusion. The decision was made to down scale the long distance stock loft. This means that a sizeable number of proven long distance breeding pigeons will be offered for sale. There will also be a substantial number of yearlings for sale. These were bred for the future requirements of Swindells Racing pigeons stock loft.

Why have a stock bird reduction sale?

It was apparent after achieving the first goal on the road to Barcelona. Namely clocking in race time from Le Mans with the BICC. That we have enough quality breeders. Having quality stock birds sitting in aviaries during the breeding season is a waste of good birds. We have bred to provide backups of all our top producers, we are happy to let some of these go. This stock reduction sale is a chance to acquire top quality proven breeding stock. All our breeding stock is usually allowed to mature out for 2 years, before we breed from it. Long distance racing pigeons mature slower than sprint racers. This is why we always have yearling birds held back for future breeding purposes.

What will be available?

The stock reduction sale will be comprehensive. All our prime producers and race winning birds will have related birds in the sale. There will be children, brothers and sisters as well as some parents. A stock bird to get a pen in our stock loft will have been selected and graded by Paul Swindell. All our birds will have bred birds to race from France. No racer is ever retired to the stock lofts of Swindells racing pigeons, without flying a full channel programme and clocked from France. Only those that have clocked in open prize positions are stocked.

Stock reduction sale lot 1
The Boxer son of champion Red Alert 1st Barcelona BICC International
Stock bird reduction sale lot 8
Miss Perfection legendary Irish breeding

What about the future?

There are only so many stock birds that can be kept. We are not a commercial stud producing 1,000`s of young birds each season. Our stock loft is designed to produce young for our own race team. Our success this year has focused our future objectives. We believe we have the birds to produce the record breakers of tomorrow. We do not require 5 and 6 of the same way bred sitting doing nothing for the next 3 or 4 years. This is the best opportunity to acquire breeding stock from Irelands record breaking race team. Next season the additional space we have in the stock loft will be taken up by sprint stock. Pauls children are more excited by sprint racing. The introduction of pure bred Stickers Donckers and Van den Brande bloodlines creates great excitement for the future.

When will the stock reduction sale start?

Birds are being selected daily. As each is selected it will be photographed and a full listing will be made available. It is hoped to have a full sales catalogue available before the end of August. If you want to be kept up to date with details of birds for sale. Please drop us an email, or a private message on facebook messenger. It is our objective to be very realistic with the prices for these birds. It is more important that they are bred off. Giving fanciers the chance to fulfil dreams as Paul has done this season.

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  1. interested in Paul’s listing what a family of pigeon!!!!!!

  2. Hallo
    I’m spanish and my brother likes red racing pigeons for long distance. From ireland or GB.
    Prefer a hen but we don’t know if it’s posible send her to Spain and you have got it.
    Sorry for my english

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