Paul Swindell Yearling sale 2018
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Paul Swindell Yearling sale 2018

Paul Swindell Yearling sale 2018:

Paul Swindell, owner of Swindells Racing Pigeons is proud to offer his annual yearling sale. 2018 has been another successful one for Swindells racing pigeons. Breaking the 40 year old BICC record, for clocking in racetime into Ireland in racetime obviously being the highlight. However it is the consistency of returns from races that Paul is most proud of.

Paul Swindell race year 2018:

As anyone who has followed Pauls story, he has very races each year. This season has been no exception. In total Paul entered 7 races the following are his results.

1st club, 1st Irish region BICC Le Mans National                                                                                                       2nd club, 2nd Irish Region BICC Le Mans National                                                                                                   3rd club, 3rd Irish Region BICC Le Mans National 515 miles                                                                                   The only 3 birds in racetime in the 40 year history of the BICC.

1st Club, 53rd North section 62nd open INFC Kings Cup St. Allouestre 466 miles

1st club, 50th North section, 62nd open INFC Friendship national Lamballe                                               2nd club, 75th North section, 97th open INFC Friendship Nat Lamballe 433 miles

1st club, 2nd open Ulster Federation Talbenny                                                                                                    2nd club, 3rd open Ulster Federation Talbenny                                                                                                    3rd club, 7th open Ulster Federation Talbenny 181 miles.

2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th club and 7th, 10th, 11th, 12th and 16th open Ulster Federation Bude 251 miles  Taking 16 of the top 2o places in club for Talbenny race.

1st club, 15th open Ulster Federation Penzance 289 miles

1st club, 11th open Ulster Federation Penzance Old Bird Derby 289 miles

7 races. winning 7 x 1st prizes, 5 x 2nd prizes and 6 x 3rd prizes. In anyones world this represents a successful season.

Yearling Sale:

Paul Swindell has looked through his young stock aviaries. From these aviaries he has selected 12 cocks and 8 hens to offer for sale. All the birds represent the best bloodlines in Pauls loft. All are closely related to his national winners. These include a half brother of his record breaking Le Mans hen. This is an opportunity to acquire some of the best young distance breeding stock anywhere.


Half brother to the 1st open Irish region BICC Le Mans national 2018
GB17L04058 pedigree
Pedigree of half brother to Paul Swindells 1st Irish region BICC Le Mans 2018 winner


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