Pigeons bred for the toughest race routes in the world

Bred to race the Irish Sea


Yearling sale now on:

We present our annual sale of yearling stock birds. All birds were bred in Paul Swindells stock loft. They represent the best bloodlines from probably the most consistent channel racing loft in Ireland. Paul Swindell averages over 25 % returns year on year from France and all Irish sea race points. If you want tough gutsy birds bred to fly across the sea, here is your opportunity. Hurry when they are gone they are gone. Birds will be removed from site as they are sold.

Described as probably the most unorthodox pigeon fancier around He is a man whose common sense, straight talking attitude is a breath of fresh air in todays  world of racing pigeons

Welcome to Paul Swindells` racing pigeons

Home of the best bred birds for the TOUGHEST RACE ROUTES in the WORLD

Here you can find videos of the man and his birds. Here you can also see the videos that have made him an internet sensation among pigeon fanciers from Dublin to Manilla.

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Everyone dreams, some of us are fortunate to have our dreams come true. The great achievers, the eccentrics all dream what to others seem impossible.


“I dream of flying from Barcelona into Ireland in race time”

 Paul Swindell